Liz Unna.

A few of my favourite things… Read More

Our industry is awash with awards – everyone wants to be an award-winning so and so.  Since I began working many years ago, D&AD was always the holy grail – the black pencil was the one that really mattered.  Being a judge this year has been fascinating,  particularly as the… Read More

Wild and Precious

This was always going to be a special one. Everyone who worked on this showed up heart-first, and that meant it unfolded in the most beautiful way. ‘Wild & Precious’ is a campaign focused on raising awareness around how women are disproportionately impacted by dementia.  2 out… Read More

Supermint et moi!

I am super excited to join the divine Armelle and Frederika at Supermint in Paris!  Lookit this incredible portrait by artist Amelie Pichon! Scream! Can I carry it around with me – would that be weird?… Read More

Making Time is now available to stream or download… Our beautiful film Making Time is now available to rent or buy on iTunes, Amazon and the Journeyman Pictures website. We are pleased to announce that Making Time is being marketed by Journeyman Pictures. They have sold the Canadian distribution rights and the Making… Read More  … Read More… Read More

Someone’s hormonal

The joy of an all-female shoot! Here we are doing one of the dance moves from the choreography heehee. The whole project  has been a DREAM. I’ve been immersed in imagining a different world, where women’s pain and hormonal cycles are taken seriously by medicine and science, where the male… Read More

Making Time

Over three years in the making, our feature doc Making Time is almost finished, with the last few weeks of post underway.   I am so proud of this film, so honoured to have worked with such a talented team…  I  will share more details soon. During the making of the… Read More

Imprint Presents: The Wrangle with Abigail Schama

During lockdown Charlotte Speechley and I had the great pleasure of collaborating with artist Abigail Schama on a film about her work and process. She makes exquisite, thoughtful and thought-provoking ceramics.  The film was a joy to make – it feels very intimate and handmade, and somehow captures the magic… Read More