Liz Unna.

Imprint Presents: The Wrangle with Abigail Schama

During lockdown Charlotte Speechley and I had the great pleasure of collaborating with artist Abigail Schama on a film about her work and process. She makes exquisite, thoughtful and thought-provoking ceramics.  The film was a joy to make – it feels very intimate and handmade, and somehow captures the magic… Read More

Photographer Charlotte Speechley and I have been collaborating during lockdown with artist Abigail Schama on a film about her work. It’s been a beautiful inspiring process and we are so proud of the film. More info about its release soon.

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Marmalade – In conversation with… Liz Unna

With the 21st April being Creativity and Innovation Day we spoke to Liz Unna about her creative practice and processes and how she uses her creativity to tackle pressing societal issues.… Read More

Campaign Live – Is advertising at a turning point for female directors?

As a female commercials director in a male-dominated field, Liz Unna wonders if the advertising industry has finally reached a turning point like Hollywood.… Read More

Huffington post – Directors, Awards and Sexism

It’s 2018 and there are no women nominated as best director in the Golden Globes or the BAFTA’s. Sigh.… Read More

Campaign – 10 female directors you should know

  After pledging to include a female director in every three-way pitch, Brothers and Sisters’ Andy Fowler names the ones to watch.… Read More

Shots – A Day in the Life of Liz Unna

Saddle up for a day in the life of the Independent Films director as she takes on skunk-scented dogs, Ghost Ranches & contradictory billboards.  … Read More