This was always going to be a special one. Everyone who worked on this showed up heart-first, and that meant it unfolded in the most beautiful way.

‘Wild & Precious’ is a campaign focused on raising awareness around how women are disproportionately impacted by dementia.  2 out of 3 people with dementia are women. I had no idea! At the same time, women are also more likely to find themselves providing unpaid care for a loved one with the condition.  Another area where the gender health gap hits women hard. 

Partnering with UK Dementia Research Institute, we made two films about women who experience dementia and focused on their most cherished memory. To honour our contributors, these memories are stored in the blockchain so they will never fade and never be forgotten.   

You can find Nenetia’s memory and Charlotte’s memory at  This is also home to our ‘Museum of Memories’ that features #4D photorealistic experiences bringing more stories to life.   Huge thank you to everyone involved, truly a dream team of integrity and talent. Thank you most of all to Nenetia and Charlotte and your remarkable families. 

The team:

Global Chief Creative and Design Officer – Grace Francis 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
Executive Creative Director – Jamie Mancini
Art Director – Tom B.
VP Creative Enterprise – Lara Johannsen
Programme Manager – Rosie Lee
Finance Director – Asha Shah
Blockchain Expert – Jim Crews
AVP, Film – Matteo J. Mosterts
VP, Production – Stacy McCann
Senior Creative Content Producer – Laura Haithcock
Content Producer – Max Grigoryan
Creative Director, Motion Design – Austin Anderson
3D Designer and Compositing Artist – Jeremiah D.
Senior Motion Graphic Designer  – Dan Kelly

Greatcoat Films / Creators Inc.
Executive Producer – Simon Oxley
Executive Producer – Micheal Newton
Executive Producer  – Sandra (San) Spethmann
Director – Liz Unna
Producer – Felicia Morizet
Production Manager – Sarah Dines
Runner – Evan Jones
Dop – Ian Murray
1st ac – Kai Newton
Gaffer – Josh Mclaren
2nd ac/dit – Zach Costa
Art director – Daisy Cambridge
Sound  – Reece Gibbins
Camera car driver – Dusty
Editor  – Adam Lavis
Music  – Nikky French
Music  – Archer & Spencer

SevenSix Agency
Charlotte Stavrou (née Williams) – Founder
Rianna Williams – Head of Talent

East Of Eden PR Agency
Nick Ede – Founder
Peter Cuthbertson – Head of Media

UK Dementia Research Institute
Emily Tellers – Head of Communications (Mat Cover)
Lucy Wilson – Head of Communications
Molly Andrews – Communications Manager
Alex Collcutt – Research Communications Manager

Alzheimer’s Research UK
Henry Scowcroft – Head of Communications and Engagement
Emma Hardwick – Senior Strategic Communications Manager.
Iain Fossey – Communications Manager
Rahel Allen – Communications Manage: Supporters & Families